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Falls Churck Kiwanis Little League is the oldest in Virginia and each year hundreds of parents make it possible for our league to continue operating and providing a fantastic experience for 500+ kids. 


This fall we will need 100 or more volunteers to power our season. Volunteer roles can be specific to your child's team or division, or can span the entire league. And many require no prior baseball experience.


Whatever skill you have in life, we can use your help.


Please look over the list of roles below and, for league wide roles, click the position to get more information or to apply. 


League-wide Roles

  • Snack Bar Volunteer. Do you love food and interacting with people? Then volunteer to help at our snack bar, located next to Field #1 at Westgate Elementary School in McLean. You'll give hungry kids a bite to eat while helping our league generate much-needed revenue. 
  • Webmaster. If you can make a website sing--or even just hum--we want to hear from you! 


Division-specific Roles

  • League coordinators. Our league coordinators assist our managers and coaches at a particular level of play, typically by helping with group questions and communication.  


Team-specific Roles

  • Manager. Organizes practices and coaches, sets line ups and oversees total team operation.
  • Coaches. Help the manager run practices and games, and offer individual instruction to players. Each team should have at least two coaches.
  • Bench Parent. Gets players ready to bat, helps players who come off the field, helps younger catchers get in and out of gear.
  • Team Parent. Organizes parents and sets schedules to provide post-game snacks and drinks. Sharing a team snack after a game is a valuable way to help our kids interact, make new friends, and enhance social skills.

If you can help with any of these roles please let us know during registration or contact us at  .