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Update on Team Information - T-Ball

We apologize for the delay in announcing the T-Ball teams. The team rosters for T-Ball will now be announced on Thursday, March 23. This change is being made so that the announcement occurs after the T-Ball Manager's meeting. We now have enough T-Ball Managers, and the T-Ball Manager's meeting has been rescheduled for March 22. Thank you for your patience!

by posted 03/20/2017

With spring baseball quickly approaching, many of us will be burning up the Internet (or the roads) looking for the newest, best, coolest piece of baseball equipment for the spring season.

As you shop for your new equipment over the next few weeks, please remember that on January 1, 2018, Little League will implement the new USA Baseball Bat standard. Bats that are currently approved for use will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.

For 2017, nothing changes. You can continue to use bats approved by Little League during the 2017 spring and fall seasons in all FCKLL divisions. A list of approved bats can be found here. If you are going to buy a new bat, please consult this list and continue to look for the Little League logo on the barrel of approved bats. Approved bats will also have a "BPF 1.15" marking and a maximum barrel of 2 1/4" in diameter.

Once 2018 arrives, the new USA Baseball Bat standard will apply. The performance of these new bats is designed to more closely approximate wooden bats. The maximum barrel size also will increase to 2 5/8" in diameter. For more information on the USA Bat standard, you might want to check here (USA Baseball Bat Standard). Bat manufacturers will likely not bring USA Bat compliant models to the market until fall 2017.

If you have questions about your bat or the size/weight of a new bat you are looking to purchase, please talk to your coach.

Whatever bat you choose for 2017, get out there and attack the baseball! 

by FCKLL posted 03/05/2017
Big News for FCKLL

This spring, you’ll see a new development with respect to FCKLL teams and uniforms. FCKLL is proud to announce that we are working with the Washington Nationals, and we’re very excited to be participating in the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Uniform Program.
The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Uniform Program is a partnership effort between our region's major league franchise and local leagues to supply free uniforms and support little league baseball. This unique program is designed to build a shared excitement across the city and connect kids to their hometown team.
Click to see biggerWhat’s in it for FCKLL and our players?
The Nationals will be providing, at no cost to FCKLL, a Nationals athletic quality top and cap for each player.
  • Majors players will receive full-button jerseys and caps.
  • AAA players will receive two-button, pullover jerseys and caps.
  • Tee ball, Single A and AA boys and girls will receive athletic quality T-shirts and caps.
The Nationals will also be providing a corresponding Nationals cap, embroidered with the word “COACH,” for three coaches on every team.
Yes, this means that each team will technically be “The Nationals”, but teams will be differentiated through the use of a variety of styles and colors of jerseys and caps as well as sponsor names.
Click to see biggerIn addition to the uniforms, additional support from the Nationals includes:
  • A Nationals player visit at a combined VA District 4 Little League event. 
  • Two tickets to a Nationals game for every league family.
Why Are The Nationals Doing This?
For 33 years, Major League Baseball was non-existent in the D.C. region creating a gap between kids and the game. In addition, many boys and girls face financial and other barriers preventing them from playing baseball and softball. The Washington Nationals are eager to close that gap by embracing a highly focused, passionately driven leadership role that brings the benefits of baseball directly to kids. The Nationals Youth Baseball Uniform Program helps break down and minimize obstacles preventing kids from playing baseball and softball.
If you have any questions about this initiative, please FCKLL President Joe .
Thank you! 

by FCKLL posted 03/01/2017
Spring 2017 Registration

We are almost ready to start the Spring Season! But before we can play, there are a few things that need to happen:

  1. Draft teams for Majors, AAA, and AA
    Majors Draft will take place 2/23
    AAA Draft will take place 2/27
    AA Draft
     will take place 3/1
  2. Form teams at Single A and T-Ball
    Single A and T-ball Teams will be announced 3/12

After each draft, specific team information will be entered into your child's account on www.fckll.org. The team manager will contact you shortly afterwards this information is made available to them.  

As a reminder, Majors, AAA, and AA teams are formed by drafts. Both your child's skills assessment, as well and the manager's knowledge and experience in past seasons with your children play a role in the draft process. However, not all kids will be drafted at the level they requested at registration.  If they are not drafted at the level requested, they will be placed in the pool for the next level down.

At Single A and below, teams are formed by the Player Agent based on attended school, home address, and parent requests. After March 12th, the managers for Single A and T-Ball will contact their teams.

Your manager will have information on practices and games. This information will also be available on www.fckll.org. Please take a moment to log on to the website and familiarize yourself with the website's functionality, such as automatic notifications or finding the field locations. Thanks again for supporting Falls Church Kiwanis Little League. We hope you and your children have a great season. Let's play ball!

by posted 02/22/2017
Be an FCKLL Sponsor

We want you on our team!

Become an FCKLL Team Sponsor, get your name in front of thousands of area family members, and support a valuable activity for hundreds of children. Your sponsorship helps us repair and maintain fields, and upgrade and maintain equipment. This year FCKLL is pleased to introduce a new sponsorship option, the Falls Church Patriot Field Banner - Your brand on FCKLL outfield fences!

Click here for more information.

by FCKLL posted 02/03/2017
Field Status
Falls Church HS (FC5) - Falls Church OPEN (3/28) 
Idylwood Park #2 - Falls Church TBD (3/28) 
Idylwood Park #3 - Falls Church TBD (3/28) 
Jefferson Village Park - Falls Church TBD (3/28) 
Larry Graves Field #2 - Falls Church TBD (3/28) 
Walnut Hill East - Falls Church OPEN (3/28) 
Walnut Hills West - Falls Church TBD (3/28) 
Westgate Field #1 - McLean TBD (3/28) 
Westgate Field #2 - McLean OPEN (3/28) 
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